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Dec 4, 2012 - A Christmas Parade In Texas

The holiday season is fast approaching. Book your charter bus rental trip to Texas by shuttle bus, coach charter, mini bus or school us from Bus Charter Texas to ensure you don't have to fight the holiday traffic and that you have a guaranteed seat to get home and see your loved ones.

As it’s commonly known, they do it bigger in Texas and that includes their parades. One Dallas charter bus holiday parade that has become a tradition over the past 20 years is the Neiman-Marcus/Adolphus Children’s Parade.

This massive parade kicks off the holiday season in December and also functions as a major fundraiser for the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas enjoys over 350,000 live spectators, with millions more watching on television.

You can get reserved bleacher seating for $20 per seat, while general admission is free of charge. To turn things up a notch or two, bring a lawn chair and sleeping bag and huddle up along the parade’s downtown route.

To catch the parade, simply choose your spot from along the parade’s route, which begins at the corner of Austin and Commerce Streets, follows Commerce east to Harwood Street, travels south on Harwood to Young Street, moves west on Young Street to Ervay, south on Ervay to City Hall Plaza and finishes at Akard Street.

If you like light shows without the noise of a parade, which is something a growing number of people are beginning to appreciate, another festival worth catching in Texas is the Texarkana Twice as Bright Festival of Lights which is held on Texas’ northern border. Take the rented charter bus to see horse and carriage rides, as well as live reindeer to go with an impressive display of lights.

The Twice As Bright Festival begins the day after Thanksgiving and runs throughout the month of December up to January 2, so you can also catch other events during your charter bus tour vacation with your beloved family and friends such as a Christmas parade, lighting of the community Christmas tree, and more at the Twice As Bright Festival.

So fill up your parade-watching card with your family in tow or get ready for the bright lights to shine their way through the holiday season in Texas. And the best way to get to see it all? Why, by booking your very own luxurious and affordable charter bus to Texas, of course, there is just no other better way to make the best of your time here during the holiday season. Yee Hah and Happy Holidays!

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