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May 24, 2013 - Crazy Madness At Esther’s Follies

Looking for some good ol’ fun and laughter after dinner with your partner? Or simply to just have a girls’ night out with some of the craziest live performance of comedy or magic in Texas? Look no further for a night of crazy, mad fun than Esther’s Follies - located at downtown Texas at 525 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701. To bring your party goers there, charter a bus so that you don’t have to think about where to park and how to find the place. Let the charter bus driver do all the worrying and have him drop the party group right at the doorstep of your intended destination.

Unless you have made prior reservations at Esther’s Follies, we suggest you make your way there early to get good seats for the live acts, as the seats are quickly taken up even before the show starts. Be sure that you inform the charter bus company that you want to get there early, so that they can make arrangements to meet your request.

However, if you have already made reservations, then you should try something new and fresh for your dining experience at one of the restaurants near Esther’s Follies. One of such restaurants that you can check out is the Japanese restaurant named Uchi. Dining at Uchi will be another memorable experience for your and your girlfriends. You will feast on some of the freshest sashimis, sushis, tempuras - you name it, they’ve got it! A very worthwhile Japanese dining experience is to be expected at Uchi.

Entering into their thirty sixth season, Esther’s Follies has always been a main attraction and the place to go in Austin, Texas when you are looking for musical comedy and magic. Over here, they even poke fun at the current political scene to keep your stomach rolling with pain in laughter - all in the name of having a good laughter to keep the blues away! Their crew are lively, funny and the magic performances are simply superb. Their sketches are seldom repeated and they keep themselves abreast with the latest happenings to bring you one of the best comedian entertainment in town. The really unique thing about Esther’s Follies is the large windows that looks onto the streets which seems to make the people outside part of their performances as well.

After a hard week of working so hard, chartering a bus for a girls’ night out with your girlfriends and letting your hair down and enjoy some tickles is a great way to end the week. So, how about the call to place your order to charter a bus for this funny trip?

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