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You can easily get your fill of outdoor festivities at Lubbock Arts Festivals and Panhandle-South Plain fair in the city of Texas with a charter bus

Festivals in Lubbock City of Texas

Mar 26, 2014

As the largest city in Texas, there are lots to see and do at Lubbock. Known popularly as the Hub City, Lubbock is located in the center of the South Plains, an area that has an extensive cotton-growing region.

There are lots of festivals and events held at Lubbock city, making it one of the most-attended host of outdoor events in the country. Since these events are popular locally in Lubbock, bus charter visitors can attend a very localised event and not something over-commercialised or touristy.

Lubbock Arts Festival

The largest art festival in the region, Lubbock Arts Festival combines fine arts, arts & crafts, food and music, all in one place. This year, the festival will be held from April 11-13 at Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. A myriad of activities will be conducted such as Young Artist Competition and Young Writer’s Competition. This year’s featured artist will be Greg Goodnight, a wood sculptor who has been sculpting for 25 years, who is popular for sculpting all types of wildlife, especially birds of prey and marine life. Another event to not miss at the festival is the Chainsaw Masters, where rental bus visitors can see wood sculptures by R.L.Blair, a premier woodcarver for Disney, as well as a live demonstration of chainsaw carving by Cam Dockery.


  • Friday & Saturday - 10AM-7PM
  • Sunday - 12PM-5PM

$4 for adults, $2 for children under 12

Panhandle-South Plains Fair

A fair that goes on for nine days is something not to be missed. The Panhandle-South Plains Fair is one of the largest regional fairs in the nation with the Carnival Midway and concerts being the most popular. The Carnival Midway is provided by Miller Spectacular Shows and offers amazing thrill rides, family-oriented games and lots of other attractions. Other interesting attractions at this fair not to be missed are like:

  • Children’s Petting Barnyard
  • Exhibits and Arts & Craft booths
  • Commercial Vendors
  • Food & Refreshments
  • Free Grounds Entertainment

Other festivals at Lubbock to look out for:

  • Ulterior Motifs: Annual art exhibition sponsored by the Wheeler Brothers Gallery.
  • 4th on Broadway: The largest free festival in Texas held on Independance Day.
  • National Cowboy Symposium: A gathering celebrating all things cowboy with music, lecture series, cook-offs and horse show.
  • Fiestas del Llano: Cultural festival which focuses on Hispanic history and traditions.

Since going to festivals means looking for a parking is almost impossible, do book a charter bus to get there without any hassle. Call 1-888-492-3879 or 469-757-4467 to get a quote or to reserve a rental bus today!

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