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Nov 28, 2013 - The Secluded Natural Pool of Hamilton Pool Preserve

There is a sense of tranquility that comes over people when given a chance to enjoy a serene pool of water and enjoying the beauty of nature. Charter bus passengers can enjoy this tranquility at the Hamilton Pool Preserve where a natural pool has formed when an underground river collapse. The pool is surrounded by huge slabs of natural limestone, and on the ceiling, you can see large stalactites growing downwards. This pool is also a place where greenery of all shapes and sizes grow in lush patches, giving the place a sense of tranquility.

Things to Do at the Preserve

There are many things you can do to enjoy nature. You can choose to just go for a swim in this jade green pool where a 50-foot waterfall flows. The natural outdoor pool is not chemically treated so the water quality is often monitored to make sure it is always in top condition.

Mini bus rental visitors can also choose to have a picnic in this beautiful area where the ceiling and cliffs of the grotto are covered in soft moss and maidenhair ferns, while enjoying the chirping of the local cliff swallows. If you are lucky, you get to catch a glimpse of the endangered golden-cheeked warbler that makes its home in the Ashe juniper uplands of the preserve.

Unprecedented Serenity

Since the Hamilton Pool Preserve is a nature preserve, visitors are NOT allowed to fish, mountain bike, camp or make any fires, or even bring any pets into the preserve. However, you can choose to take a nice hike to study nature. The walk to the pool starts at the parking lot and descends down to a narrow box canyon where you can behold impressive rock outcrops, bald cypress, lush plant life and the serene quiet flow of the Hamilton Creek. If you take the right fork at the hiking trail junction, you will end up at the Hamilton Pool and its thundering 50-foot waterfall.

Tips to Consider at the Preserve

In order to get into the pool and river, there is an access fee of $10. This gives you access to all of Travis County Parks for the entire day. Do also bear in mind that there are only 75 parking spots available at the preserve. To avoid having to wait for a car to go out before you are allowed in, you should consider taking a coach bus instead.

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